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I found out that my ex-wife was using both my, and my 14 year-old daughters' ssn's for just a few dollars. Now I can correct this before she turns 18!

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An employer tried to file a 1099 for me, but couldn't. It was rejected saying my ssn was invalid, even though we verified the ssn submitted several times. This site has given me peace of mind that the problem wasn't related to fraud or identify theft.

- Sterling, VA

I absolutely recommend this site to all parents. My daughters social security card suddenly went missing a few months back. Thanks to this site, I am now at ease after finding out that she is clear. I now will go and add a protection on her SSN to secure it from terrible people. Best $5 I have ever spent. Thank you for this site!!!

- Davie, FL

Super fast! Well worth $5.

- Dayton, KY

Found three things on my son's report that should not be there and can now look to resolve them. Thank you so much!


omg!! what a peace of mind!!

- Houston , TX

I was told about this website and found it to be very helpful. My newborn son ssn card was stolen and was told I had to provide proof that it was compermised. I needed help and called the contact center, they were very fast and very helpful and friendly I must add. I am happy to say checkmyssn.com was able to provide me fast results showing no reportings. I will use this website again. This is a real website and worth every penny. Thanks Guys!!

- buffalo, NY

I love this site. Thank the Lord that there was no unknown activity on any of our SSN's. It was so fast. It was available for me to view right away! Great site. Thank you so much!!! I will be checking again in a few months!

- Westminster, SC



I found out yesterday that a recently fired city employee accessed-breached-stole my private patient information. She is under investigation now by the Police Dept. Already reported to the Office of Civil Rights. Big story in the news regarding "'Phychic' nurse says she is unfairly targeted in hospital records case." Meanwhile I just received notice that I am one of the 2500 she did this to. She also has name,birth,parents and more etc and SSN on all of us. This service you provide is great as I just got my report in the blink of an eye. My next stop is the credit bureaus. Thanks

I was turned down for credit. I began to wonder if someone else was using my social security number (to take out loans that may not show up on a credit report) so I used this service. SUPER FAST AND SUPER EASY. I'LL RECOMMENDED IT TO ALL!


When I went to open a credit union account, they told me that my social security number was reporting under a different name. I contacted Arizona Department of Economic Security and they told me someone was using my name to work in CA. I used CheckMySsn.com and sure enough, another woman's name came up under my social. After doing extensive internet research, I was able to get her full name and address and I reported her to her local police department for identity theft. This service was cheap and easy and it proved my suspicions that my social security number was stolen. Thank you!

- Gilbert, AZ

Thanks. Just what I was looking for!

- Kahului, HI

I knew someone had used my ssn to take out a home mortgage. The IRS told me that - and when trying to get more info to give to the authorities, I was always told no. I found this website and within five minutes I found out who stole my ssn. To my surprise it was not one, but three people. I can now move forward with getting my identity back. Thank you for this incredible service.

- Las Vegas, NV

I really enjoyed having this because it gave me peace of mind. Being that my mother and I have the same name. I tend to get alot of things coming to my house thats not mine. And I always think that someone is stealing my ssn. And another thing my brother has my SSN and he has a tendency of using my ssn or i don't know anything.. This was the BEST 5 bucks I'VE EVER SPENT.. Thanks So much!!!

- Montgomery, AL

Very pleased in this! I was worried about my ssn being used and its a great sigh to see according to the info that i am the only one using it! This was a good 5.00 to spend on this! Thanks again!


Great peace of mind!

- Manassas, VA

I knew I was a victim of ID theft. Thanks to this site, I found out it was 8 people using my SSN! Now everyone in my family is checking this site out. Best 5 bucks I ever spent!!

- Fort Worth, TX

I found two unknown names and seven strange addresses sharing my SSN that did not show on any of my credit reports. I am so glad I found CheckmySSN and can react before any damage is done.

- Altadena, CA

The first time I checked my information everything was fine. Five months later I checked again, and I was shocked to see a strange name and address! I never thought it would happen to me. I don't know how much pain and suffering you saved me, but this was a well-spent $4.95. Thank you! Kathy S.

- Los Angeles, CA

DAMN that was fast! Best five bucks I've spent all week. Happy to see there are no, ah, "documentationally challenged workers" using my ID. (phew!)

- Cumming, GA

I discovered some activity that I was not made aware of. I always thought stuff like this would happen to the other person...well, I'm the other person. Thanks for the info!

- Toledo, OH

I just happened upon your website and thought I'd plug in my family's SSANs and see if anything was amiss. Two out of four had multiple names and addresses listed that were not familiar at all to us. Amazing..now we have to figure out what's going on, but at least we know someone is using those SSANs and can get it fixed. Thanks so much for this valuable service!

Easy, quick & accurate on the information, Thanks Robert H.


My wife and I were suspicious that her SS# was being used since a couple of unpaid bills that was not our appeared on her credit report. We have been trying to find out for over a year, including filing a police report. It took CheckMySSN under 1 minute to give us the answer. Yes some one else appeared in another state using her SS#. Now we have the tools to stop it.

- Sugar Land , TX

fast, easy and good way to keep check of ur ssn... never know who might be using urs ..

- corona, CA

I live in an area saturated with Illegal Aliens. I've heard of horror stories where teens would apply for college student loans only to be turned down for 'defaulting on their five mortgages'. It turned out Illegal Aliens were using their SSN's. Thank you CheckMySSN.com for putting my fears to rest that My Teens' SSN's haven't been tampered with! Also, every parent should know their SSN rights - you do not have to give out your child's SSN to a doctor's office, school, etc. Go to the SS website and see who is authorized to take your SSN. It's your right not to give it out. The less people that have that number the better.

- Holtsville, L.I., NY

Just heard your ad on AM radio and immediately researched your webpage. I've been reviewing the credit reporting/identity theft sites and had been considering using them until now. This site is so much more important! I recommend this site to everyone--quick and a great value. I will sleep better tonight! I'm going to log on again now and check my son's SS#. I will continue to use you to regularly monitor my SS#. Thanks for starting this service--it's much needed AND appreciated!

I wasn't sure, at first, if my report was what I was paying for, as it only contained my old addresses. However, the email support is WONDERFUL, my questions were answered very timely, and most importantly, I don't have to wonder whether my life is being stolen out from under me....at least, not THIS week. Thank you for the wonderful support.


when i looked at my report i was a happy camper. it was all correct. thank you. j. ross

- ogden, IL

I have used Argus for the past 3 years for company background checks on prospective employees and temporary personnel candidates. Very reputable company, wonderful staff who are helpful in every way. I wouldn't hesitate to use their services for personal purposes such as monitoring my SSN. Hope someday we can access our personal credit reports through Argus.

- Las Vegas, NV

Quick and painless. It is nice to know that my ssn has not been compromised. Thanks!

The information provided is almost accurate. They have placed me in locations on the wrong dates. Otherwise it is a great service.

- Albuquerque, NM

Hey it works it's worth it I got my results in less than 5 minuntes. Do it you will not be sorry best $5 dollars I ever spent. Stop putting it off just do it!

- Beaumont, TX

Ok, so an Avid ManCow Show (Radio talk Host)fan. I heard him promote this site and took a look. I am always skeptical about these types of programs. The three major credit bureaus are only slightly informative, at a higher price and harder to read. This was really simple to do and very easy to understand, and I am happy to say that no one but me has used my SSN and with this program, I'll keep it that way. Great program.

- Virginia Beach, VA

Amazingly easy to use. Employer compromised SS #. Checked here to see if anyone else was using my SS #. They weren't. Even the $460 a year reporting services say they can't tell you if someone else is using your SS #. CheckMySSN.com can tell you instantly. Thanks!

Fast, accurate, pease of mind, and cheap. If you have any doubt do it.

- Chambersburg, PA

Quick, easy, and enlightening! I found out my daughter's ssn had been used when she was only 7 years old!! Thanks CheckMySSN!

Great for getting piece of mind.

- Nashville, TN

What a great program. My boss had an employee embezzling from him and it was a great relief to get this report and make sure she wasn't still using his identity. BJ

- Cape Coral, FL

Excellent Source of information!!!! Extremely fast and accurate!!!

Wow, it really works. Linda, the person on the phone was so warm and very helpful. She made me feel very safe and relieved that I was doing this. It's a huge security (no pun intended) blanket and a piece of mind. Thank you CheckMySSN.com. We need you!

- Middletown, DE

My husband and I just found out that his and one of our young children have had other people using their SSN's!!! We had no idea!!!

very fast report, interesting!

- Syracuse, NY

I found out that my ex-wife was using both my, and my 14 year-old daughters' ssn's for just a few dollars. Now I can correct this before she turns 18!

Great to know I can go to a website that will tell me whether or not my SSN is safe!!!! -- and for such a reasonable price.

- Phoenix, AZ

This report gives you peace of mind! Well worth the 4.95.

My SSN card was stolen many years ago, and it was good to see that only my name was on the report.

- Rochester, NY

I heard your ad on the radio and thought I give it a try, I was surprise to see all of my information, all looked good to me and happy to see that my ID is in check. I will look into this more often, what a great service.

- Phoenix, AZ

Amazing! I checked my SSN after CheckMySSN.com began advertising and I heard the commercial during my show... sure enough someone was using my SSN and not just ONE person, but a COUPLE of people. Now I begin the long task of fixing this and dealing with the SSA - who are going to be helpful I'm sure, but I had no idea this was going on and wouldn't have known without using this simple service. The best $4.95 I've spent in a long time.

- Los Angeles, CA

I got a call from a Gieco agent asking if I had a policy on a Toyota with them. I do not have a policy with them nor do I have a toyota. She informed me that a policy had been taken out using all my info.,ssn#,lisence etc. and that I had better get in touch with the athorities.This occured in a state in which I do not reside.

Thanks for CheckMySSN.com, I can't believe that someone else is using my SSN.

Quick and easy.

I heard about this Website on the Radio and decided to give it a try. I already monitor my Credit, but didn't know you could also monitor your SSN. What a great service and extremely easy to use! Thank you for adding another layer of protection to my Identity.

- San Diego, CA

Very Quick system. Very helpful! Will use again


I have known for almost a year that someone was using my SSN, but not my name. I have tried to get help from my police dept and they said they were unable to get the address of the person that was using it. I called the credit card companies that issued credit cards to her and they were COMPLETELY uncooperative. Thank you so much, CheckMySSN.com, I now have the street and town where she lives and have hope of progress in getting this resolved.

I was surprised at how fast the report was generated! In seconds, I could see whether my Social Security number was still safe!

I have a very common name and have received collection agency calls for other people with the same name. I have wondered if there was something to these calls because they are always threatening and they want more information from me than I am willing to give. The last collection call had me living on the east coast in 1999 and not paying my phone bill. I have never moved out of this state. I was able to check my SSN and see that all was right with my addresses and that did put my mind at ease.

That was quick and painless. It brought up all my old addresses (bringing back a lot of memories), but luckily that was it - just memories! I will be back to keep monitoring. Great job! Keep up the good work!

It took me less than 2 minutes to set up the account and check my SSN. While my record indicated 'Clear' and all information was as expected, this is going to be another tool I plan to use in the protection of my identity.

This is a fast, easy and very reassuring way to find out if an ID has been used by an ID Theft. Now that I have subscribed to monthly monitoring, I will find any problems before they become one for me.

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