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Customer Testimonials

I just happened upon your website and thought I'd plug in my family's SSANs and see if anything was amiss. Two out of four had multiple names and addresses listed that were not familiar at all to us. Amazing..now we have to figure out what's going on, but at least we know someone is using those SSANs and can get it fixed. Thanks so much for this valuable service!

Frequenty Asked Questions

Who's stalking your SSN?
If someone else uses your SSN...
if someone else uses your ssn
Someone else becomes you.

Can I check my child's Social Security Number?


Can I check my child's Social Security Number?

Yes! Nearly 500,000 children's Social Security Numbers are stolen every year. In most cases, our report will return 'No Activity'; however, if your child's report returns a 'Mis-Match', this indicates either the Name and SSN you entered don't match in the system, or it is an indication that someone is using your child's SSN.

Identity theft has become such a problem in the United States that even newborns are victims of identity theft, as SSN's are being used before the Social Security Department has even issued the number. This is refered to as 'Synthetic Identity Theft'.


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