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Customer Testimonials

I have a very common name and have received collection agency calls for other people with the same name. I have wondered if there was something to these calls because they are always threatening and they want more information from me than I am willing to give. The last collection call had me living on the east coast in 1999 and not paying my phone bill. I have never moved out of this state. I was able to check my SSN and see that all was right with my addresses and that did put my mind at ease.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Who's stalking your SSN?
Looking for Trouble?
if your ssn is stolen
If your SSN is stolen,
you lose & lose big!

Can I check my child's Social Security Number?


Can I check my child's Social Security Number?

Yes! Nearly 500,000 children's Social Security Numbers are stolen every year. In most cases, our report will return 'No Activity'; however, if your child's report returns a 'Mis-Match', this indicates either the Name and SSN you entered don't match in the system, or it is an indication that someone is using your child's SSN.

Identity theft has become such a problem in the United States that even newborns are victims of identity theft, as SSN's are being used before the Social Security Department has even issued the number. This is refered to as 'Synthetic Identity Theft'.


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